There are a number of advertising options available and each has a minimal cost.

The most common option is a commercial that runs during one of our broadcasts. A commercial is either 30 seconds or 60 seconds.

Another option is a drop. A drop is a quick bit information read by the on-air talent. A drop would contain for example, Company Name, Phone Number, Website Address, Motto or Tag line.

Feature sponsorship allows you to integrate your service or product directly into the broadcast. An example would be “This stop in action is powered by COMPANY NAME” The stop in action depends on the sport being broadcast at the time. (Halftime, Checker Flag…)Website banner ads are an affordable way to have your branding visible to potential customers who are visiting our site to view live or archived broadcasts.

Recently we have developed a way to display sponsor logos within our player during the broadcast. The logos would also be displayed during playback of that broadcast archive. This enhances branding and product recognition.

We are constantly researching new ways to offer better services to advertisers. Please let us know if you have an idea we hadn’t thought of.